The Small Object

Pricing Information

Cost: Here's the breakdown of how the total cost of your custom wedding cake topper will be determined. Our standard base price of $150 offers a full customized piece using our standard clothing options. If you would like to add on additional optional items to your wedding topper, the cost associated with each item is listed below.

Standard Base Piece
Includes, as applicable, a standard knee-length A-line dress or standard full-length dress, choice of suit/tie, base and bouquet color choice options. Figures will have our standard painted hairstyles, but can include beards/mustaches or bald heads! Figures can also be stained a darker shade for no charge.

Additional Optional Fees:

Custom Wedding Clothing
$75 per figure
A very popular option if you would like me to sew a miniature version of your wedding dress! The fee is charged per figure, so if you only need a custom wedding dress but just need our standard suit option; the additional charge would be just $75 more for the bride figure. Simply submit photos or a link to your wedding dress through our online order form and I will sew a miniature version!

Wooden Heart Valentine
+ $20 each
This small wooden heart valentine can be personalized with your initials or with a flower and ribbon like a small chocolate box. It is typically held by the partner that is not holding the bouquet. (Example shown here.)

Miniature Props
+ $30 each
In the past, I have incorporated camera, books, golf clubs, guitars, saxophones, soccer balls--you name it! These additional unique props can be added to either level of customization above. If you haven't seen me incorporate it before, please inquire first to ensure it won't be a problem to do. (Example of miniature camera here.)

Personalized Chalkboard
+ $30 each
This is a popular feature that can be included and personalized with your initials, names with heart, and/or the date of your wedding. It is typically held by the partner that is not holding the bouquet. (Example shown here.)

+ 45 each
I can incorporate your dog, cat or pet into your custom wedding cake topper for this additional fee. The cost is per pet. Please be aware that for large animals or for more than 3 pets, I will likely need to use our larger base. Additionally, I begin with standard pet forms so extremely unique breeds may be difficult to accomplish so let's discuss your pet first, if you have any doubts. (Example shown here.)

3-d Dimensional Hair
+ $50 each
This request can be accommodated and is charged per figure. Typically, if it is important to you that your longer hair be shown, it can be done with a hair bun to the back of the hair. For curly hair styles, I can paint the hair to reflect the curls. Natural looking gentle waves and long curly hair can be difficult to achieve and I would encourage you to look through our past pieces to see if a painted style would work for your piece as this is our signature look. (Example shown here.)

Custom Theme Base
+ $60 fee
This element is created in consultation with your overall design and includes the cost of adding flowers and natural elements to the base to blend seamlessly with your overall wedding ideas and themes. This might include a small grouping of flowers on the base instead of our standard plain ribbon, or the addition of a rock grouping with wildflowers, twigs and bumblebees, pumpkin or vintage button groupings and so forth! (Example shown here.)

Wedding Arch or Flag Bunting Garland
+ $60 fee
I can add either a curved arch with silver or gold wedding bells accented by flowers, a natural twig arch or a fabric flag bunting over the two figures that is secured to the base by two poles alongside the figures. The flowers or fabric bunting are customized to your wedding colors. (Example shown here.)

Tree Backdrop
+ $65 fee
If you would like to add a Fall, Summer or Palm Tree to your piece that is placed behind the couple, I can do it! Tree selections are limited and may require additional time to complete. (Example shown here.)

Babies and Children
+ $65 each
Do you have a super cute baby or child to include? I can add them on your piece! One baby swaddled in a blanket and one child will fit on our standard size base. Additional children will require me to use our larger base. For children, their clothing can also be customized to their wedding day outfits. (Example shown here.)

Additional Free Options:
The following options below can be included in all pieces for no additional charge.

  • Custom Drawing: I am so excited to offer the option of having a custom drawing made of your completed piece for no additional charge. It's free! My gift to you. Examples are shown below. They make great coloring pages at a kid's table during the reception, a wonderful thank you card or simply framed and hung next to your cake topper. You will receive both a print quality hi-res image (around 8" tall) and a web quality low-res image. View examples here.
  • Date Flag: A small paper ribbon date flag can be added to the base ribbon and stamped with your wedding date.
  • Flower Fascinator: I can add a small flower to the side of the bride's hair, if you like.
  • Veil: A white or ivory tulle veil in any length can be added.
  • Glasses: I can add black, silver or gold glasses to one or both figures. I wear them, too! I hear you. Glasses are awesome.

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